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Sites to which I contribute

Greek in Italy Project (PI: James Clackson)

Women’s Classical Committee

Cambridge Greek Play archive

The Reid Trust

1. Classics Blogs

Greek in Italy Project (PI: James Clackson)

CREWS (Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems) Project (PI: Pippa Steele)

I. Sicily Project (PI: Jonathan Prag)

Res Gerendae, by the Cambridge Graduate Classicists

It’s All Greek to Me by Anna Judson

Memiyawanzi by Matthew Scarborough

Kenodoxia by James Warren

Pompeian Connections by Virginia L. Campbell

Rogue Classicism

Ellie Mackin’s blog

2. Linguistics Blogs

Language Log

Language Hat

Language: A Feminist Guide by Deborah Cameron

Separated by a Common Language by Lynne Murphy

Strong Language

So Long As It’s Words by Kate Wiles et al.

Motivated Grammar by Gabe Doyle

Heather Froehlich by Heather Froehlich

3. Academia Blogs

Thesis Whisperer by Inger Mewburn

Beyond Academia

We the Humanities

The New Academic

The Higher Educationalist

4. Research Resources


Lacus Curtius


Cambridge Histories online

Anne Jeffrey Archive

Packard Humanities

Manfred Clauss Inscription Database

Wild Winds Ancient Coins

Perseus Greek Word Study Tool

Perseus Latin Word Study Tool


Antiquity a-la-carte

Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

ORBIS maps of the ancient world

5. Teaching and Learning Resources

Charlie Weiss’s website 

Jo Willmott’s website

php Syntax Tree generator

Reading Greek Quizzes

Library of Antiquity – lots of tips and tricks for learning, revising, exams, and much more

Aoidoi – Greek poems with vocabulary, grammar and dialect notes for beginners

Nifty Greek handouts – by Helma Dik. Lots of helpful guides and tips for Greek grammar.

The Vergil Project – Lots of support for reading the Aeneid

6. Some Light Relief 

With a Classics or linguistics flavour, of course.

The Romans by Eddie Izzard

Romanes Eunt Domus by Monty Python (Life of Brian)

Fighter Pilots and Powdered Egg by Armstrong and Miller

Watergategate by Mitchell and Webb

Hieroglyphics by The Two Ronnies

Troy and Abed learning Spanish from Community

Chelmsford 123

How to Speak Dothraki

Curse Tablets from Dinosaur Comics

Ancient Greek Punishment via Let’s Play

Ancient Rome Trivia Quizzes via Sporcle

Ancient Greece Trivia Quizzes via Sporcle