Four footprints, two languages, one tile

hn. sattiieis. detfri segnatted. plavtad herennis. amica signauit. qando. a- ponebamus. tegila(m)   Detfri of Hn. Sattis signed with a footprint. Amica of Herens signed when we were laying out the tile. Oscan/Latin inscription and four shoe prints on a large clay roof tile (0.67 x 0.94m). Pietrabbondante, c. 100 BC. Imagines Italicae: Teruentum 25;... Continue Reading →

A 2500-Year-Old Tribute to a Lost Friend

ego vhontei ersiniioi  vineti karis vivoi oliialekve murtuvoi atisteit I (am a grave) for Fonts Ersinios (He was) Vinetos's friend. He (Vinetos?) sets (me) up for (him), whether alive or dead.  (Venetic inscription on stone. Este, Italy. c. 500-475 BC. M. Lejeune "Manuel de la Langue Vénète", #75 ter) I was very struck by this inscription the first... Continue Reading →

A Stone Talking to Itself

pis: tiú: íív: kúrú: púiiu: baíteís: aadiieís: ahfineís: Who are you? I am a stone. Whose? Baitis Aadiis Afinis's. (Oscan inscription on stone. Altilia, Italy. c. 150-90 BC. Imagines Italicae: Saepinum 2, Sabellische Texte: Sa 31) It's not often that I'm tempted to describe an inscription as "cute", but I've always found this short Oscan... Continue Reading →

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