My PCAP bibliography

Fellowship (or associate fellowship) of the Higher Education Authority is now a requirement for many people working in higher education. I've done two applications to the HEA over the past two years - last year, to be accredited as an Associate Fellow through a Cambridge programme called TAP, and then this year to get a... Continue Reading →

How I plan

I didn't mean to make this a week of "How-To" blog posts, but somehow it has become one! Soon after I published my post "How I Write a Lecture", Ellie Mackin posted my contribution to her "How I Plan" series of interviews. If you want to know how I plan my research, you can read... Continue Reading →

Citation trouble

One of the toughest thing about starting out in Classics, whether you've just arrived at university, you're starting to research your undergrad dissertation, or you're in the first term of your PhD, is all the abbreviations. Bibliographies can just look like an impenetrable secret code before you get used to how authors, ancient texts and... Continue Reading →

New Digital Research Tools 2

Over a year ago, I posted about some new digital research tools I'd been trying out, and which of them had worked/not worked for me. I've been meaning to write an update to this for a while because, actually, I've changed my mind quite a bit since then. So here's New Digital Research Tools 2... Continue Reading →

New Digital Research Tools

This term, I've been caught between putting the very final touches to my book and getting stuck into a new project. The beginning of a new research project always seems like a good time to re-evaluate how I've been working, and to investigate what new (or not so new) digital tools are out there that might make... Continue Reading →

Stationery in Action – City Notebooks

Like many academics, I have a thing for stationery. When you spend so much of your life reading and writing, getting the tools of your craft right become really important. For me, it comes down to a few basic requirements: I don't want my stationery to be inconvenient or distracting to use, I want to... Continue Reading →

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