Cambridge Greek Play 2016

As some of you know, I've been in the chorus of the Cambridge Greek Play a couple of times - in Agamemnon in 2010 and in Prometheus/Frogs 2013. I've also written before about putting together the Cambridge Greek Play online archive, which I did in the summer of 2015. This year, I had the unique experience of being... Continue Reading →


Cambridge Greek Play 2013 released on YouTube

I had a very fun morning yesterday (in between marking up final page proofs), because I was able to announce the release of the Cambridge Greek Play 2013 on YouTube. Thanks to a donor, both PROMETHEUS and FROGS were filmed over several performances, and John Watts and Helen Eastman have since worked very hard to... Continue Reading →

Why Do Greek Plays have Latin Titles?

One of the most famous Greek tragedies is called Oedipus Rex. Well, sort of. Its original Greek title is Oidípous Týrannos, but usually everyone calls it by its Latin name. Even the English title Oedipus the King is heard much more rarely. And it's not just this play that's the problem. Ancient Greek plays are... Continue Reading →

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