Cambridge Greek Play 2013 released on YouTube

prometheus 2013 henry jenkinson as prometheus

I had a very fun morning yesterday (in between marking up final page proofs), because I was able to announce the release of the Cambridge Greek Play 2013 on YouTube. Thanks to a donor, both PROMETHEUS and FROGS were filmed over several performances, and John Watts and Helen Eastman have since worked very hard to get the videos and their all-important subtitles up and running. You can watch the videos here:

Aeschylus’ (attrib.) PROMETHEUS

Aristophanes’ FROGS

It’s been amazing to revisit the production, despite the inevitable weirdness of hearing my own voice on film. My personal favourite moment in the whole production is when Prometheus first starts to sing – watch out for it around 30.50.

You may also like to consult Anna Judson’s excellent guide to How to Tell if You’re in a Greek Tragedy over on Res Gerendae.

And if you’d like to get more updates about the next Cambridge Greek Play, follow us on twitter: @CamGreekPlay (the new website is launching soon too).

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