Goodbye Greek in Italy; hello Connectivity and Competition

This week marks the end of the AHRC-funded 'Greek in Italy' project. James Clackson, the PI of the project and my former PhD supervisor, has written a great post to mark the end of the project. He doesn't just look back at what the project has achieved - quite a lot in four years! -... Continue Reading →

The Scythians – cheese, gold and false beards

I'm a little late to party on this one, but I've finally managed to get to the 'Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia' exhibition at the British Museum (the tickets were a gift from a family member). We managed to get an early, week-day slot, and I'm very glad we did - the last few BM... Continue Reading →

‘Greek in Italy’ in Rome

On the 29th March, the 'Greek in Italy' project will be hosting a workshop entitled 'The impact of Greek on the languages of Ancient Italy' at the British School at Rome. We are very privileged to have several great Italian linguistic scholars with us for the afternoon - you can see the full programme over... Continue Reading →

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