‘Greek in Italy’ in Rome

On the 29th March, the ‘Greek in Italy‘ project will be hosting a workshop entitled ‘The impact of Greek on the languages of Ancient Italy’ at the British School at Rome.

We are very privileged to have several great Italian linguistic scholars with us for the afternoon – you can see the full programme over here. I’ll be contributing a (brief) section to the project team’s presentation, talking about my work for the project. Appropriately, I’ll be talking about work for the project that I undertook while I was at the BSR on a Rome Award. The time I spent at the BSR was invaluable for getting to museums and sites, and particularly for kick-starting my work on the ancient Veneto, so I’m glad to get the opportunity to thank the BSR for their contribution to my end of the project. The permissions office at the BSR also organised our visit to the Grotta della Poesia (below), which turned out to be a highlight of the team’s second research trip.

If you are in Rome at the end of March, please come along – we would be very excited to meet you and talk to you about our work.


This is one of the last events that the ‘Greek in Italy’ project will hold before the project wraps up at the beginning of 2018. I feel very lucky to have been affiliated to such an interesting and dynamic project, which has allowed me to keep working closely (and travelling extensively) with my colleagues in Cambridge after moving to Exeter. There is also a book in the works based on our wonderfully enjoyable conference ‘Migration, Mobility and Language Contact’ – I will keep you all updated about its progress!

Not Rome, but the Grotta della Poesia – a wonderful site with inscriptions in Greek, Latin and Messapic that the BSR helped the Greek in Italy project visit on our last trip.

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