Digital and practical epigraphy

It's been an extremely busy April on the 'Connectivity and Competition' project. After an intense two-week research trip (blog post forthcoming), there was the Workshop on Digital and Practical Epigraphy at the ICS in London, co-led by Dr Gabriel Bodard, which took place from 29th April - 4th May 2019. The concept of the workshop... Continue Reading →

Digital and practical epigraphy workshop

Now that we're well into 2019, some of the events connected to my AHRC fellowship are beginning to take shape. The first of these is the Workshop on Digital and Practical Epigraphy taking place 29th April - 4th May, and generously co-hosted by Gabriel Bodard and the ICS. The aim of this workshop is to... Continue Reading →

‘Greek in Italy’ in Rome

On the 29th March, the 'Greek in Italy' project will be hosting a workshop entitled 'The impact of Greek on the languages of Ancient Italy' at the British School at Rome. We are very privileged to have several great Italian linguistic scholars with us for the afternoon - you can see the full programme over... Continue Reading →

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