Welcome to Exeter

I've made it to Exeter! The movers are gone, the boxes are (mostly) unpacked, and I've set up my university email. So far nothing seems to be missing or broken, though I periodically find something again that I didn't realise I'd missed. It's going pretty well! I'm really enjoying exploring the area and going on... Continue Reading →

The Women’s Classical Committee UK

Over the past few months, I've been involved with the formation of the Women's Classical Committee UK. There's been an organisation for women in Classics in the US for a long time (the Women's Classical Caucus), and there's also an equivalent organisation in Australia and New Zealand. So when Liz Gloyn (among others) suggested a... Continue Reading →


I'm pleased to announce that I'll be speaking at the upcoming Roman Archaeology Conference in March 2016, to be held at ‘Sapienza’ Università di Roma and the British School at Rome. The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference will be held at the same time. For now, the RAC website is a little sparse, but you can... Continue Reading →

SLE Leiden 2015

This week I'll be at the Societas Linguistica Europaea conference in Leiden. This is one of those huge international conferences with about fourteen parallel tracks - which is a shame in some ways, because it means that I can't possibly see everything. All the same, I'm excited about seeing (at least part of) the panels... Continue Reading →

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