The Women’s Classical Committee UK

Woman reading, 1st century AD

Over the past few months, I’ve been involved with the formation of the Women’s Classical Committee UK. There’s been an organisation for women in Classics in the US for a long time (the Women’s Classical Caucus), and there’s also an equivalent organisation in Australia and New Zealand. So when Liz Gloyn (among others) suggested a UK organisation, I was excited to get involved.

So far I’ve had a fairly fun job, setting up the website and the social media presence on both twitter and Facebook, where you can now follow all of us tweeting and posting stuff that we think will be interesting to Classicists everywhere. Probably the most fun part of the website, though, was putting together a list of as many Classics blogs and websites as possible run by women. There are a lot! It seemed a simple way of promoting people’s work, and I found load of interesting things to read in the process. I tried to give an idea of the kind of content each person writes, so go and see if there’s anything that appeals to you, and spread the word about the amazing work women are doing in Classics.

Soon we’ll all be meeting in person, and not just online. The WCC launch event is coming up on Monday 11th April at the Institute of Classical Studies in London – registration details will be announced soon, and the schedule of the day is available here. You’ll also be able to contribute via twitter, if you can’t make it in person (and organising this will be my role during the day).

Until then, we need your help – if you work in Classics in the UK, please take 10 minutes or so to fill in our survey on Women in Classics in the UK: Numbers and Issues. The things that people bring up will really help to inform our launch event, and will direct our aims for the future.

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