Welcome to Exeter

I’ve made it to Exeter! The movers are gone, the boxes are (mostly) unpacked, and I’ve set up my university email. So far nothing seems to be missing or broken, though I periodically find something again that I didn’t realise I’d missed. It’s going pretty well!

2016-08-26 08.43.39.jpg
Sunshine on the Exe
2016-08-28 15.41.48.jpg
View from the Powderham Estate, near Kenton. Little blobs just visible on the left are loads and loads of deer.

I’m really enjoying exploring the area and going on long country/seaside walks.  If you’ve given me a pub or cafe recommendation in the last few months, I’ve probably already been there and enjoyed a pint of local cider. Everyone’s been really helpful and welcoming so far, and I appreciate it so much. Extra thanks to everyone on Twitter, especially the other academics who have been moving house this summer, for cheering me on through the boring and stressful bits.

Other than moving and organising everything I own, I’ve been thinking about the modules I’m teaching this term, Roman Death and Language in Greek and Roman Society. Both have been great fun to put together so far, and hopefully the students are looking forward to them as well. When everything has come together in a bit more detail, I’m hoping to do a post introducing each module. But that will be for another day.

So, wherever you are, whether you’ve moved this summer or not, whether you’re in a new job or not, good luck for the beginning of the new academic year! And a special shout out to the ECRs who have moved across the country for new opportunities – you’re going to do a great job.

2016-08-23 08.53.19
Graffiti near the river

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