SLE Leiden 2015

This week I’ll be at the Societas Linguistica Europaea conference in Leiden. This is one of those huge international conferences with about fourteen parallel tracks – which is a shame in some ways, because it means that I can’t possibly see everything. All the same, I’m excited about seeing (at least part of) the panels on Historical Linguistics, Multilingualism and The Influence of Latin. I might also try to catch a couple of papers on the Pragmatics of Classical Languages, since an old friend is presenting there.

I’ll be presenting in the “Managing Multilingualism” panel, which covers ancient, mediaeval and modern material from all over the world. My paper is called “Oscan and Greek in Italy: Contact Phenomena and Domain”, and it’s based on my forthcoming book. I’d like to share my slides in advance of the conference, so please take a look on this link if you’re interested: McDonald Leiden 2015. I’ll also try to tweet from the conference, WiFi permitting, so keep an eye on the conference hashtag #SLE15.


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