New book on fragmentary languages

A new book  on fragmentary epigraphy (which includes a chapter written by me) is coming out today. Genres épigraphiques et langues d’attestation fragmentaire dans l’espace méditerranéen, edited by Emmanuel Dupraz and Wojciech Sowa, is a collection all about the many epigraphic languages of the ancient Mediterranean and the genres of text that are attested all across the ancient world. The book is based on a conferences held at the University of Rouen in 2012, which was one of the first conferences I attended as a PhD student. I was bowled over to meet so many eminent experts, and to make connections with younger scholars who had tons of new ideas for working with epigraphic material.

My contribution is called “Genres, Continuity and Adaptation in the Epigraphy of South Oscan” – if and when I get a digital copy which I can share, you’ll be able to find it over on my publications page.

If you’re interested in ancient epigraphy, I really recommend getting hold of a copy. You can currently find out more about the book from the publisher’s website.


To translate the flier and abstract:

Epigraphic genres and fragmentary languages in the Mediterranean, edited by Emmanuel Dupraz and Wojciech Sowa

This book approaches the numerous fragmentary languages of the Mediterranean basin in the first millennium BC from an often neglected angle: the specific genres of text that they attest. The study of genres which are less well-documented in each language allow us to reach conclusions on the influences between cultures and on the overall typology of the inscriptions of the area.

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