Italy Before Rome out this week

I’m very pleased to say that my new sourcebook, Italy Before Rome, is out on Friday. If you want to use the discount code below, which is valid until the end of 2021, then you can order direct from the publisher on this link:

So you can get an idea of what the book includes, the contents page is as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Origins
  • Chapter 2: Etruscan Life and Death
  • Chapter 3: Great Greece
  • Chapter 4: From Samnites to Italians
  • Chapter 5: Alphabets, Literacy and Names
  • Chapter 6: Gods and Humans
  • Chapter 7: Rituals and Sacrifice
  • Chapter 8: Magic and Divination
  • Chapter 9: Italy at War

There are also timelines and maps (drawn by Matilde Grimaldi) to help you locate each source in time and space, and plenty of photographs and drawings. I am hoping that people find the book useful and enjoyable, whether you are already researching ancient Italy or it’s a new subject for you.

If you enjoy the book, and especially if you use it in your teaching, I would love to hear from you – please get in touch via email or leave a review on Amazon (or your preferred site). It would be brilliant to know how people are using the book and which section are most useful. I am planning to produce a teaching pack to go with the book in the future, so if there are particular sections for which this would be useful, let me know.

Many thanks again to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially those who read and proofread the text and made it better in every way.

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