It’s all Greek to Anna

It’s All Greek to Me is a brand new blog by my colleague Anna Judson. Anna is an expert on Linear B, linguistics and Greek in general, so I know that lots of readers will be interested in her site.

Anna has long been a major contributor to the Res Gerendae graduate student Classics blog, but now that she has finished her PhD and is moving on (to join my current college, Gonville and Caius, in fact!), she has started a site of her own. She’s ended her time at Res Gerendae with a plea for new graduate students to take up her mantle there – writing for a multi-authored research blog is an excellent idea for all sorts of reasons, so if you’re a current Cambridge Classics graduate student, you should definitely take Anna’s advice.

I’ve featured Anna’s writing on this blog before, particularly her linguistics-themed baking (the cake from our recent Venetic seminar was hers, and the first post on her blog is devoted to it) and her reviews of exhibitions including the BM’s Pompeii and Herculaneaum exhibit, which summed up my feelings exactly. I’m very much looking forward to reading all about Anna’s work as she embarks on a new project and a new phase of research, and you should follow her too.


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