Happy end-of-term!

It’s the end of the last week of term here in Exeter, and we’ve had a whole host of fun end-of-term things: the Classics Christmas Ball run by the Classics Society, a staff Christmas party, and a Christmas quiz with my third-year linguists (with impressive Greek-themed baking, pictured below – many thanks to Abi!).

I’ve been reflecting a bit on my first term in Exeter, and it’s fair to say I’ve really enjoyed it. The term has a bit of a different rhythm than I’ve experienced before – 12 weeks is very different from 8 – but with a reading week in the middle of term and without the rush of admissions interviews after the end of term, the pace has felt (mostly) pretty reasonable. The Roman Death course has taken up the majority of my time this term, and I’ve learned a lot developing and teaching this module – both about the subject and about how things work in Exeter. I’ve loved teaching Roman Death and I’m hoping the students have got a lot out of it too – I’ll really miss my first and second years next term. Language in Society continues for the rest of the year, though I’ll be taking a bit of a back seat next term as the students will be leading the majority of the seminars. I’ll also be doing some MA epigraphy teaching next term, which I’ll write about when we get to it.

2016 has been a fun year on the blog too – many thanks to the 10,880 people who have visited the site in the past year! In case you’re interested, this year’s most popular post by some way was my post on Latin in Doctor Who, closely followed by the post on JRF applications (written in 2015, but still very popular).

I’ll be around for another week or so for the first part of my PCAP training, but after that I am taking the (radical) step of using all my annual leave and enjoying the Devon countryside for a few weeks. To everyone having a break – enjoy it! I’ll see you in 2017.

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