Casualisation and Classics

Back in March, I asked many of you to fill in a survey for my PCAP essay on casualisation and employment in Classics in the UK.

I’m pleased to say that an expanded version of this report has been published by the Council of UK Classics Departments Bulletin. It can be found online here. Please feel free to read and share – I hope the report will prompt discussions in many departments about what we can do to support each other better.

I’d like to thank all the respondents to the survey for sharing their honest and detailed answers, and Susan Deacy for agreeing to publish the piece.

If you’re interested in this issue, you might also be interested in the Open Letter on Precarious and Short-Term Contracts published recently. The letter links to the Royal Historical Society’s code of best practice for employing temporary teaching staff, which might also be of interest in departmental discussions.

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